Why Homebirth?

There are numerous reasons why women choose homebirth.

Home means privacy, familiar surroundings, greater relaxation and comfort than in a hospital, and the convenience of not needing to leave home during labor or travel shortly after giving birth.

When a woman births at home, she is in charge of who will attend her, and may welcome or limit the number of helpers and support people as she sees fit. Everyone in her environment will be someone she knows and feels comfortable with. Likewise, if she wishes to have her other children, doula, birth photographer, or extended family present, her wishes will be respected.

In a home setting, a woman in labor will have her birth preferences respected, as well as her special physical, emotional, spiritual or cultural needs. Her caregivers already know her and her background, and are willing to accomodate her as an individual.

Homebirth allows for optimal mother-baby bonding after birth, setting the stage for the best possible start to breastfeeding. At a typical homebirth, the baby is never separated from his mother, and is exposed only to familiar household germs, which allows for optimal colonization of the skin and gut with good bacteria. Those two factors equal the best possible start in life in terms of immune system health.

Many women find that a homebirth is their best option for water birth or VBAC.





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